The Silton Allotments, an area of some 2 acres in the Parish of Silton, were created in 1862 in trust as an allotment for the Labouring Poor of the Parish. This was made possible by the charity of Julia Elizabeth Chaffyn Grove. The allotments are registered with The Charity Commission under number 204673.

The allotment is divided into 43 plots, each some 20m x 5m in size and currently all plots are taken. However, a waiting list exists and applicants should contact the Allotment Manager.

Details of the allotment are on facebook: @siltonallotments. The site is on a south facing, gently sloping field in a very quiet secluded area of the village. The cost of each plot is £10 per year for which you will get friendly, knowledgeable company and, when available, free horse manure.




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